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Alex Moiseyev - A Leading Russian Checkers Player

Alex Moiseyev is a Russian draughts player who was born in 1959 in Moscow. He developed an early interest in the game, having learned to play Russian draughts while still only 7 years old. By the time he had reached the age of 15, he had already managed to earn a Masters Rating at the game. While he went on to experience further victories in Russian draughts, he decided to switch to International draughts in 1979, though some accounts point to 1980 as the year of his transition.

Along with his family, Moiseyev left Russia in 1991 to the United States in order to become a computer programmer. He then won the U.S. title which was held at the international form in 1996 and again switched courses, taking up what is commonly known as English draughts or American checkers. He subsequently won the U.S. National Tournament in 1999.

Alex Moiseyev currently holds the Grandmaster title in the International, Russian, and English versions of draughts. He resigned as an ACF Player Representative in 2004 in order to concentrate on his family and playing checkers exclusively.

Moiseyev is also currently the reigning World Champion of 3-Move Restriction Checkers. He is actually the sixth Grandmaster in a succession of checkers masters that date to more than seventy years ago to the first widely recognized 3-Move World Champion, Asa Long. While all of the other checkers masters (besides from Derek Oldbury) did not write instructional books on the game, Moiseyev bucked tradition with the recent release of his book on checkers entitled “Sixth”. The book carries the subtitle, Volume 1: The Way to the Crown. In the book, Alex Moiseyev details two of his World Championship matches, one of which was his match against Ron King in 2003 and the other, his match against Elbert Lowder in 2002. Moiseyev also provides details and analysis of fifty of his best games that date from 1996 to 2004.

“Sixth” is a particularly noteworthy checkers guide which many of the games are illustrated and bares annotated notes that go far beyond anything ever published in a checker book previously. There are numerous diagrams to be found in the book–one or more to a page in fact–and they are conveniently placed near the appropriate text sections, making the book very easy to use.

All in all, “Sixth” by Alex Moiseyev features more than 500 diagrams, 114 games, and 66 direct and 114 indirect openings. Moiseyev also covers the 3-Move World Championship Title controversy extensively, which is one of the definite highlights of this book.

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