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The Role of the ACF in Promoting Checkers – American Checkers Federation

The ACF or American Checkers Federation is a non-profit organization that serves as the primary checkers governing body in the United States. The federation currently counts among its members, players from Australia, Bermuda, Barbados, Canada, Ireland, England, Italy, Malta, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Scotland, the United States, South Africa, the West Indies, and Wales.

The American Checkers Federation is responsible for organizing several checker tournaments across the United States every year, and they also sponsor a yearly National Checker Tournament where the winner gets to compete for the World Title.

Members of the ACF can expect to receive the federation’s bi-monthly bulletin, which contains among other things tournament results, announcements, news, ladder standings, mail play, and even some annotated games from past National Checker Tournaments.

Members of the American Checkers Federation will also be allowed to play in the various State, Regional, and National ACF Checker Tournaments, and will be given an ACF rating that will help players keep track of their progress during the course of their checker playing career. And of course, one definite advantage is being a part of a select group of people from all over the world who share a common love and interest for the game of checkers.

If you are interested in joining the ACF, you can send the membership dues of $25.00 in the form of check or money order, to the American Checker Federation, to this address:

    Jonathon Chappell

    ACF Treasurer

    3712 Falcon Crest Dr., Apt. 201

    Louisville, KY 40219

Unfortunately, due to the costs of printing and shipping, the ACF has had to increase membership fees to foreign members. Canadian members will now have to pay $10 and while members from Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, and New Zealand will have to pay $15. Foreign members also have the option to receive an e-mail copy of the bulletin in PDF document format for $25, with no shipping charges. In addition, all members of the ACF will receive a membership card.

If you want to see a sample of the ACF Bulletin, a free one is available for download from the ACF Website, which can be found at There you will find an online link for your free sample.

Life Memberships to the American Checkers Federation are given to all its former presidents, former officers that are approved by the Executive Committee, people who donate one thousand dollars or more to the ACF National Tournament Trust Fund, and to all members who will pay five hundred dollars over a period of four years.

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