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BDF – Bringing a Royal Flavor To Draughts through the British Draughts Federation

The British Draughts Federation or BDF is one of the two national draughts organizations in England, the other one being the English Draughts Association.

The primary goal of the British Draughts Federation is to offer help and advice to all players of the game of draughts as well as draughts writers all over the world, although they are especially focused on draughts aficionados from Britain. While there are many known variations of the game of draughts, The BDF concentrates exclusively on the English 8x8 version of the game, which is known in the United States more popularly as Checkers.

Over the years, George Miller has written a series of articles on the subject of draughts for The British Draughts Federation. Miller is a World correspondence champion of the game.

Below is a list of some of the articles that Miller has written for the BDF:

  • Trunk Lines, Part 1, which takes a look at the 9-13 23-19 10-15 barred opening.
  • Trunk Lines, Part 2, which takes a look at the Wilderness I (9-13 22-18 11-16) barred opening.
  • Completing the Deck, which takes a look at the options for the remaining barred openings and how they can be saved.
  • Play on the Zone, which features a pair of games that are derived from the Maid-o'-the Mill and Souter openings that were played by George Miller and Albert Tucker at the MSN GameZone web site.
  • Practice Makes Perfect, an article that features a pair of games that are based on the Tyne (10-15 21-17 9-13) opening, which was played between William Docherty and Wyllie Draughts when they prepared for the World Title Eliminator match.
  • Whilter Merry-Go-Round, an article that features play on the "Whilter Smother" with an improvement provided by Wyllie Draughts.
  • The Sphinx, which offers Bob Podoff’s classic game on the dyke opening, as won by the legendary Sam Gonotsky. Notes by George Miller are also included in this article.
  • The Twilight Zone, which features more plays based on the Twilight Zone (9-13 24-20 11-16) barred opening, with a focus on the 22-18 attack.
  • A Trick Earned Is A Trick Learned, which features a play based on the Twilight Zone (9-13 24-20 11-16) barred opening, with a focus on the 27-24 attack.

If you are interested in joining the British Draughts Federation or if you want to subscribe to the bimonthly publication that they publish called The New British Draughts Journal, you can contact:

George Miller

British Draughts Federation

384a Wells Road

Knowle, Bristol BS4 2QP

United Kingdom.

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