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Huffing Checkers Strategy – A Rare Checkers Treat if Allowed

What is a Huffing Strategy in Checkers?

In almost all the variations of the game of checkers, a player is required to make a jump or a capture if such a move is available. There are certain variations of the game however where huffing is allowed. Huffing is defined as the action of removing from the checker board one of your opponent’s checkers piece that could have jumped or captured one of your own pieces but which the opposing player chose not to execute the jump with or simply missed the opportunity. In these situations, the offending checkers piece is “blown” or “huffed” at the beginning of the players next turn. He or she then will take a turn to move as normal.

Even in those variations of checkers games that allow the huffing strategy however, there are still certain restrictions that apply. In situations wherein there are two or more jump or capture options available and the player chooses to make one of those jumps, “blowing” or “huffing” the offending checkers pieces will not be allowed.

In still other variations of the game of checkers, if any one player has the option to make multiple jumps–such as a double-jump, a triple-jump, and so on–but chooses not to execute the jump or capture, they can still get “blown” or “huffed” as a penalty for not making all the jumps that he or she could have done in that turn.

Is Huffing Allowed?

Keep in mind that in playing situations wherein blowing or huffing is allowed, this is typically considered a house rule, so they may enforce it without even mentioning it to the players. Obviously not knowing this rule prevent you from using it as a part of your checkers playing strategy, so if you are not sure whether or not the huffing rule is enforced in particular playing situation, you should ask the game officials before you begin playing.

In today’s current regulation checkers environment, the huffing rule has pretty much fallen out of favor, and very few variations of checkers game still allow it. The huffing rule has in fact already been abolished by both the American Checker Federation and the English Draughts Association for a number of years now. Nevertheless, it can add an interesting twist to the game, so you may want to allow it in your own games, particularly if you are merely playing in casual situations.

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