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International Draughts - Playing International Draughts Like a Champ

International draughts is a popular variant of draughts. The game is also known as Polish draughts or international checkers, and there are numerous web sites on the Internet where you can play international checkers online, and even download free international checkers games. Below are some of the most basic rules of the game.

International Draughts Rules

International draughts is played on a board with 10×10 squares, arranged in a dark and light alternating pattern. The board is arranged in such a way that the lower left square is dark. Both players are given 20 pieces at the start of the game, and these are placed on the first 4 rows closest to each player, leaving only the two middle rows empty.

The player that has the light pieces is the one that makes the first move. The regular pieces are allowed to move forward in a diagonal motion to a square that is unoccupied by another piece.

When a capture of an opposing piece is possible, the advancing player must make that capture, even if it will result in him or her being subsequently captured. In addition, all the available capture moves in a single turn must be made, and the player must choose the piece that can make the most number of captures.

A piece is crowned if it manages to reach the first row of the opponent’s side of the board at the end of its turn. If there is another capture that will take it away from this row, that piece is not crowned. Crowned pieces or kings are then allowed to move any number of steps in any direction, and are allowed to capture an opponent’s piece no matter how many squares away it is. The king is allowed to stop anywhere as long as the maximum number of captures is executed.

How International Draughts Ends

A game of international draughts ends when one of the players cannot perform any more valid moves. This can result from having all of his or her pieces captured, or if he or she is blocked from making any more legal moves. The game can also end in a draw if neither player has a chance of winning the game. Any game that results in one king against another or in a similar no win situation is also automatically declared a draw.

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