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Checkers Rules – Learning to Play Checkers

Checkers is really a fairly simple game to play, although there are quite a few checkers rules that you have to know to get the best out of the game. Here are some of the most important rules of checkers on how to play checkers.

Checkers rules

  • 1. Checkers is a game for two players. Each player is given 12 colored discs at the start of the game, with black and red being the most common colors.
  • 2. The checker board is made up of 64 squares, 32 dark and 32 light. Checkers game rules dictate that the board is positioned in such a way that there is a light colored square on the right side corner of both players.
  • 3. Each of the pieces is placed on the 12 dark squares closest to the player.
  • 4. The black player always moves first, with each player then alternating moves.
  • 5. According to the checkers rules, the only moves allowed are on the dark squares, which means that the pieces always move diagonally. Single pieces can only move forward toward their opponent.
  • 6. Any player who makes a non-capturing move can only move one square at a time.
  • 7. A capturing move or jump involves leaping over one of the opponent's pieces in a straight diagonal line. In a single jump, only one piece may be captured although multiple jumps or captures can be made within a single turn.
  • 8. Any piece that is captured is removed from the board.
  • 9. Whenever the option to capture is available, the player must make the jump. In instances where more than one capture is possible, the player can choose which jump to make.
  • 10. When a player’s piece manages to reach the first row of the opponent, it is crowned and made a “king”. In checkers rules, kings are distinguished from the other pieces by placing one of the captured pieces on top of it.
  • 11. While kings are still only allowed to move diagonally, they are allowed to move forward and backward.
  • 12. According to the rules of checkers, kings can jumps in several directions within the same turn. Single pieces on the other hand are allowed to shift direction diagonally, although they are limited to a forward movement.
  • 13. The game ends when a player cannot make any more moves. This can result from all a player’s pieces having been captured or blocked from making any further moves.

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