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Flying Kings Checkers Strategy – A Strategy for Checkers

As simple as the game of checkers is, there are a number of interesting and unique variations that ensure that you will never get bored playing it. These variations are made different from each other with slight strategy variations that do not really deviate that much from the standard version of checkers, but do add some twists that you would do well to be familiar with in order to make the most of the game.

What is Flying Kings Checkers Strategy?

One of these twists is called the Flying Kings and there are quite a few variations of the game of checkers that allow this rule, although it is not allowed in standard American checkers. With the Flying Kings rule in effect, any piece that has been crowned king is allowed to move any number of spaces in a diagonal direction both forward and backward, in addition to being able to jump any checkers piece in its path, just as long as there is at least one space after the opponent’s checkers piece.

One of the variations of the checkers game that allows Flying Kings to come into play is pool checkers, or what is sometimes called American pool checkers. This version of the game is related to American checkers or draughts, and is mainly played in the southeastern section of the United States.

The Connection with Pool Checkers

Just as with American checkers or straight checkers, pool checkers is played on an 8x8 board with the double corner or a corner without a checker piece on it on each player's right hand side. The game begins with the player assigned to play the dark pieces making the first move, again just like the standard version of the game. Aside from the Flying Kings strategy, the major difference with this version of the game from the rules of English checkers is that each checkers piece is allowed to move both forward and backward. In addition, when an opportunity to capture an opponent's checker piece is possible, either in a forward or backward direction, the player must take that option to capture. If there are two possible capture moves open to a player, he or she can choose which sequence to take, regardless of whether one of the sequences allows more than one jump or not.

Flying Kings in this game are allowed to jump any number of squares in a forward and backward direction as long as there is at least one empty square past the opponent. After successfully capturing an opponent, a king has the option to make right turns after the jump and proceed along another path.

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