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Checkers Pitch – Using the Checkers Pitch Move to Your Advantage

The pitch is one of the most effective checkers techniques to have in your arsenal and checkers players should put it to good use.

What is a Checkers Pitch move?

In the game of checkers, the "pitch" is a term used to describe a “sacrifice” of a piece. In most cases, this typically results in a move that will intentionally allow your opponent to capture one of your checkers pieces. There is of course a good reason why an experienced checkers player will want to do this, and that is to set up a position wherein he or she can capture two or more of the opponent’s pieces in return for the one piece that was sacrificed. This checkers pitch move is typically called a two-for-one shot.

Many beginners fail to realize this concept and that since captures in checkers are mandatory, they can often use this to their advantage in the game. Since your opponent has to execute any capturing moves that are available, you can set up certain moves that will put you in a favorable position when it is your turn to move.

When to Use the Checkers Pitch move

One of the positions that can be particularly favorable for you in setting up a two-for-one shot is when you can somehow force your opponent into a vulnerable diagonal formation. In some cases, even a three-for-one shot is possible with this position, although it is much less likely. Again, setting up your opponent in a diagonal position is key in the success of your maneuver. In that particular scenario, you will want to find ways to weaken your opponent’s diagonal position. Your opponent will then have to respond in a manner that will set up subsequent captures for you.

Obviously, players who have a lot more experience in the game will be better able to set up these kinds of positions. Many beginners who are forced into a position to give up one of their checkers pieces will see it as a hopeless situation, while a more experienced player will try to figure out how he or she can use the situation to his or her advantage.

Effectiveness of the Checkers Pitch move

Some of the most effective tactics come about when you manage to block your opponent's checkers pieces in the corners of the board. This can bring about a situation wherein your opponent steadily loses checkers pieces as a result of being trapped in a situation wherein his or her checkers pieces are unable to move.

In setting up an effective pitch move, it is important to remember that what would seem like the best move is not always necessarily so. In many instances, a little thought and planning can transform a seemingly hopeless situation into victory.

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