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No Checkers Board? – How to Improvise a Checkers Board

Checkers is definitely one of the most popular board games around, and has been enjoyed and continues to be enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. It is played by people of all ages from very young children to people that are well into their senior years. It transcends all social, racial, geographic and age boundaries, which is a testament to its universal appeal. Numerous variations of the game exist, with some versions being fairly similar to each other, with only a few slight differences in the rules and the way that it is played, while still other versions are quite different and unique from checkers versions that you may be familiar with.

Perhaps the key to the widespread popularity of checkers is that it is remarkably simple and easy to play. Almost anyone can learn to play the game quickly and many people who have just learned the game can be well into the thick of the action in no time at all. Just like chess, it can be played virtually anywhere, but it has the added advantage of using pieces that are a lot simpler than chess’, so there is almost no need to have a dedicated checkers set around in order to enjoy a game or several.

But what if you have no checkers board and the required checkers pieces handy? Well, the good news is that it is fairly easy to make your own checkers board and pieces with items that you can find around the house or virtually anywhere you are.

Checkers pieces can be improvised using bottle caps, pieces of paper, rocks or almost anything else that you can think of or find, provided that it can be can be identified with one color or another. If need be, the checkers board can even be drawn on the sidewalk with chalk. Some people have even drawn checkers boards on the sand at the beach, using flat shells or rocks as checkers pieces! The possibilities for improvising suitable checkers equipment are virtually endless and you would be surprised at how much fun you can manage to have with very little time and effort. Just keep in mind that checkers is all about fun, and you should have hours and hours of enjoyable play ahead of you, whether you have a real checkers set or not.

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