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RDF – The Russian Draughts Federation

The Russian Draughts Federation or RDF is the primary organization responsible for overseeing and regulating all draught or checkers tournaments in Russia. It is currently a member of the World Draughts Federation or FMJD.

Competitions and Tournaments

One of the most prestigious checkers events organized by the RDF is the European Veterans Championship, of which the second was held in Amsterdam from the 12th to the 19th of October 2003. The tournament was open to checkers players who were born on or before December 31, 1953. Participants to the event were required to submit their applications to the EDC or European Draughts Confederation with applications allowed only through EDC member federations, although no limits on the number of applications from a single federation imposed.

The tournament was played using the 9 round Swiss system rating and in instances wherein there were a large number of participants, the main referee of the events along with the EDC and the event organizer reserved the right to increase the number of rounds. In any case however, the number of rounds for each single event was not allowed to exceed more than 3 rounds in two successive days of playing.

In the determination of places in the event, the FMJD implemented the Swiss system of tournament rules, which meant that barrages were not allowed. The event was held at the Activiteiten Centrum Ganzenhoef, Geldershoofd.

RDF’s Role in Draught’s Development

The Russian Draughts Federation has played a major role in the development of the game both in the local and international checkers arena. The country has of course had a long and illustrious history with the game and has produced some of the most noteworthy checkers players in the international scene. Today, the Russian Draughts Federation remains firmly committed to its goal of propagating the game and continuing the development of even more excellent checkers players in the future.

Russian Checkers

The Russian variation of the game is played on the dark squares of a standard checkerboard, with 64 dark and light squares arranged in an alternating pattern. Each of the two players is given 12 checkers with contrasting colors, and the board is positioned in such a way that there is a dark square to the left of each player. The object of the game is to keep your opponent from making a move by capturing all of his or her checkers pieces or by blocking the pieces that are left on the board. The game ends in a draw if neither player is able to accomplish this goal.

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